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got charged 13 not 3
so i bought agility bought, and it charged off my account 13 dollars, 3 europe IS NOT 13 DOLLARS. on top of that, the bot didnt get added to my que??? i still see the "Purchase" button on there! wtf! i will be charging this back if it doesnt get resolved, and i dont even see any way of contacting any kind of support, and no one is answering in the chat box,. mod or whoever runs this site please contact me, thank you. I dont mind using and paying for services, but if its advertised as 3, i need to get charged 3, not 4 times that amount.
why am i not gettin ga response from the admins?? i really dont want to dispute charges, but i will since im not getting any responses... I see admins have been online many times and its been a while since i made several attempts to contact them.
I've already responded on the shout box.. Saying refunded
thank you mark, a friend of yours recommended this site to me, and i love using it. but does the agility bot not work or something currently? how do i add it to my client.. since when i purchased it i still couldnt use it. thank you.

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