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Take Over
The past few weeks the new site/Back-end has been in development. This is the new site. 

  • Cleaner and easier to use
  • Report scripts bug directly to the creator and receive updates via emails and PM's

  • Direct access to buying / selling scripts
  • Allowing payment gateway to purchase auths. There is no longer an option to buy super premium. All users who bought via Amazon keeps there super and all entitles. 
  • Faster and better

RSCU: http://www.botwith.me/downloads/rscu/
RSCU SDN: http://botwith.me/sdn.php?action=server&index=rscunity
RSCR: http://www.botwith.me/downloads/rscr/
RSCR SDN: http://botwith.me/sdn.php?action=server&...revolution
RSCL: http://www.botwith.me/downloads/rscl/
RSCL SDN: http://botwith.me/sdn.php?action=server&index=rsclegacy

Purchasing the bot is easy made by  http://botwith.me/payments.php, I'll like to thank all the hard work what has been done to create the new site to make it easier for my customers.

Nice new site, is the legacy bot going to be updated? Proxy feature doesn't work , sleeper has a box pop up sometimes, pickpocket doesn't eat.

Just be nice if these things worked as there's not many scripts to begin with for legacy, will more be added ?
I think getting these things to work with also adding more scripts will bring in more customers.

Hopefully we can have some new scripts!!!? RSCL was able to use some RSCR ones now we cant Sad
(06-25-2017, 03:49 PM)botislife Wrote: Hopefully we can have some new scripts!!!? RSCL was able to use some RSCR ones now we cant Sad

Yeah ..that would be nice I'm sure it's not hard to do
fresh new start!
+ for new rscl scripts
+ 1 for new rscl scripts
where can we request scripts or find scripts i can buy
RSCL needs more scripts i am willing to learnt to script to make scripts PLEASE get back to me anyone who knows how to script!
rscu bot not working giving errors needs update.

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