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StorkPK - Offical Bot - Developer - 10-03-2017

Hello all!

As you've all requested a StorkPK bot. I've had time to deliver you one.. Basic at the moment but we're going to improve it today only (3rd October). Hopefully put some scripts up for yours to kick some ass..


Basic auto fighter,
Auto login (To afk just put auto fighter to fight -1)

More updates soon..

Also I would like to state, Obfuscating clients is pretty redundant to our software..
Running Allatori String Decryption...

Reading complete. Loading hierachy


[Allatori] [StringEncryptionTransformer] Starting
[Allatori] [StringEncryptionTransformer] Decrypted 1370 encrypted strings
[Allatori] [StringEncryptionTransformer] Removed 2 decryption methods
[Allatori] [StringEncryptionTransformer] Done

Transforming complete. Writing to file

String decryption complete!
Classes found! (4/4)
> GameHandler identified as 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/iIiIiIIIii'
    - getUsername() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/iIiIiIIIii.short' (Ljava/lang/String;)
    - getPassword() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/iIiIiIIIii.try' (Ljava/lang/String;)
    * login() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/iIiIiIIIii.DS_BETA' ((Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;Z)V)

> Client identified as 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient'
    - getBaseX() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.pb' (I)
    - getBaseY() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.Mc' (I)
    - getPlayerKills() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.MC' (J)
    - getNpcKills() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.c' (J)
    - getMenuActionX() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.ic' ([I)
    - getMenuActionY() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.DC' ([I)
    - getMenuActionVarb1() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.synchronized' ([I)
    - getMenuActionVarb2() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.Y' ([I)
    - getMenuActionVarb3() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.e' ([I)
    - getMenuID() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.o' ([I)
    - getNpcCount() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.Pb' (I)
    - getPlayerCount() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.Hd' (I)
    - getCombatStyle() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.import' (I)
    - isLoggedIn() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.ub' (I)
    - getMenuSize() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.protected' (I)
    - getCachedNpcs() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.iC' ([Lorg/rscdaemon/fucku/client/iIIiiiiiii;)
    - getCachedPlayers() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.KB' ([Lorg/rscdaemon/fucku/client/iIIiiiiiii;)
    - getLocal() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.Kc' (Lorg/rscdaemon/fucku/client/iIIiiiiiii;)
    * processAction() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient.const' ((I)V)

> Actor identified as 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/iIIiiiiiii'
    - getX() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/iIIiiiiiii.private' (I)
    - getY() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/iIIiiiiiii.DS_BETA' (I)
    - getId() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/iIIiiiiiii.boolean' (I)
    - getSprite() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/iIIiiiiiii.catch' (I)
    - getIndex() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/iIIiiiiiii.false' (I)

> Loader identified as 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/Loader'
    - getClient() returns 'org/rscdaemon/fucku/client/' (Lorg/rscdaemon/fucku/client/mudclient;)

Identified 4/4 classes
Identified 26/26 fields
Identified 0/0 Packets
Identified 2 methods

RE: StorkPK - Offical Bot - au2er - 10-06-2017

any chance of a auto cast feature soon?

RE: StorkPK - Offical Bot - Developer - 10-06-2017

Already got it.

RE: StorkPK - Offical Bot - l0fls - 10-07-2017

(10-06-2017, 06:02 AM)Developer Wrote: Already got it.
no autocast in SDN for stork tho