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Cancel sub - Insanity - 08-25-2017

How do i cancel my sub???????

RE: Cancel sub - fatality - 08-25-2017

I'd like to know this too..

RE: Cancel sub - Snakepoxjrr - 08-25-2017

Yea, i want to know too, it got paid from my card Wednesday.. there was nothing talk about renewing and subscribtion. i dont even have my account's password because deve doesnt contact.

RE: Cancel sub - Insanity - 08-25-2017

yeh seems like a bit of a joke.. mark just dragging out telling us so we get billed again.. such fucking bullshit.

RE: Cancel sub - Insanity - 08-28-2017

holy fuck still not response on how to cancel sub or for you to just cancel for me and then you go ahead and bill me again today for a fucking service i dont even use.. typical Mark Gore bullshit. CANCEL MY FUCKING SUB.

RE: Cancel sub - jakcorb - 08-28-2017


RE: Cancel sub - Developer - 08-28-2017

The dick head above you made me put this only to super once the last monthly is done guys a retard

RE: Cancel sub - kikrbumpnsolox - 08-28-2017

Sorry to be this guy but i aswell was charged and havent even been to use the service i thought it was in the first place. Can i have my subscription cancelled aswell? If im not mistaken theres 2 subscriptions on my acct and i need both of them cancelled please

RE: Cancel sub - Developer - 08-28-2017

All subscriptions are cancelled and no one can use the auth system again to buy an auth. Meaning once the last one is done the bot is only to be used by super premium users